Women Praying for Christ Ministries

It's not about us...it's about Christ

Who We Are

Dr. Angela S. King founded Women Praying for Christ Ministries, Inc. on June 9, 2004 in response to the mandate from the Holy Spirit and a significant need for additional programs and services for individuals and families that were in need of counseling, prayer and personal improvement.

Women Praying for Christ Ministries, Inc. (WPFCM) is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes as a nonprofit organization. WPFCM is an outreach organization that targets men, women, children and families to provide support and services related to personal growth. (WPFCM) is a Christian Sister/Brotherhood and Support Group that emphasizes intercessory prayer and empowerment.

(WPFCM) launched an online prayer ministry in July 2004 and provides classes and programs designed for positive development and growth. (WPFCM) additional services include prayer, talk shows, support, social networking, conferences, prayer shut-in's, outreach and bible study. The metropolitan area is our primary target population, but with the unlimited reach of the internet, services are  available to anyone that has access to the internet. Women Praying for Christ Ministries, Inc. is a Dallas based IRS Certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with chapters in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, Plano and North Carolina.

Our Motto It's not about us…it's about Christ

Our Scripture "Pray without ceasing" 1Thessalonians 5:17 KJV

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