Women Praying for Christ Ministries

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About Us


To mobilize men and women for intercession on behalf of the nations.

To walk boldly by faith in Jesus Christ and not by sight.

To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Nations.

To pray together and to promote prayer.


"To encourage and promote prayer among Christians and Non-Christians."

1. By uniting in prayer all men, women and children all over this nation.

2. By involving more leaders in prayer.

3. By encouraging and promoting more personal and corporate prayer.

4. By seeking ways to grow our prayer ministry to increase our effectiveness.

5. By networking with other prayer ministries.

6. By participating in national and global prayer initiatives.

Different events and programs that we provide to fulfill our vision are:

1. Sponsoring regular opportunities for community prayer.

2. Hosting prayer events such as prayer shut-in’s, conferences, and seminars.

3. Providing a daily prayer line conference call.

4. Providing Internet radio prayer and bible study.

5. Providing materials that promote prayer.

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