Women Praying for Christ Ministries

It's not about us...it's about Christ

Intercessors For Christ - (WPFCM) is a Christian Sister/Brotherhood and Support Group that emphasizes intercessory prayer and empowerment.

Intercessor Locations


1. TX
2. LA
3. CA
4. AR
5. AL
6. NC
7. NY
8. MS
9. VA
10. IL
11. NV
12. NE
13. KY
14. OH
15. MO
16. AZ
17. NJ
18. GA
19. OK
20. TN
21. NH
22. FL
23. KS
24. NM
25. WA
26. PA
27. MD

28. IN

29. MI


1. Nigeria
2. Pakistan
3. South Africa
4. Ireland
5. Egypt
6. India
7. Bahrain
8. Uganda
9. United States
10. Philippines
11. Kenya
12. Namibia
13. Liberia
14. Sierra Leone
15. Germany
16. Australia
17. Ghana
18. Senegal

19. Austria

20. Bahamas

21. Saint Lucia

22. Ethiopia

23. Cameroon

24. Puerto Rico

25. Johannesburg

26. Northamptonshire

27. Vietnam

28. Myanmar

29. United Arab Emirates

30. Jordan

31. Tanzania

32. Israel

33. Denmark


Welcome to Women Praying for Christ Ministries

My prayer for you today and everyday, is that the Lord will give you perfect peace as your faith in God increases daily. May your life be a living testimony of the goodness of Jesus Christ. May you continue to walk by faith and not by sight. I pray that your joy will increase and the peace of God will follow you throughout each day. I speak blessings upon you, your spouse, your children, your entire family, your marriage and your ministry...in Jesus' name. I pray sweet rest for you each night as you sleep. Rest in Jesus and cast all of your cares upon him.

Finally, arise each day with Praise and Thanksgiving in your heart and soul. I thank you for your prayers, love and support. I am truly blessed because of your support and I thank God for each and everyone of you.


Dr. Angela S. King, D.Min, D.Div, CLC


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