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Please donate all of your empty Inkjet Cartridges and Old Cell Phones to; (WPFCM) -  P O BOX 863766 Plano, TX 75086 * Call us for pick up at (213) WPFCM-74 or (214) 450-7634.

Dear Eviro-Friend,

As you know, Women Praying for Christ Ministries, Inc, raises funds by recycling inkjet cartridges, cell phones and other small electronic with Planet Green. Please watch this video and help our organization reach its fundraising goals by recycling. Most of us have these recyclable items sitting around our homes collecting dust and now you can recycle them and help us raise money at the same time.

Did you know? Over 2.5 million tons of e-waste ends up in landfills every year!

Please watch the video now:


Once you have watched the video, go to our website to get started. https://planetgreenrecycle.com/womenpraying

Only by working together can we make a difference!

Start forwarding this e-mail to all of your family, friends and neighbors today.


With Appreciation,

Dr. Angela S. King

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